Maintenance services

At Marbella Maintenance we pride ourselves on our experienced and highly qualified staff to prevent and solve any problem that may arise. Each of our quotes has at its core our client’s needs and particular requirements. We offer services that cover a range of services like plumbing, gardening, swimming pools, gas supply, carpentry, masonry, security, communications and camera control.

We visit your property regularly to check the progress of the work and write a report (we can also provide photos on request). We are always present on site and will find the quickest and most suitable solution for any fault. We are fully dedicated to keeping your property in excellent condition throughout.
We are also pleased to offer our PREMIUM package, with comprehensive services including airport transfers, laundry and groceries delivery while you are away, so when you come back for a break you find your home ready for you to enjoy!

And while you are in Marbella you can benefit from our DELUXE package, with services ranging from bookings at your favourite restaurant to getting tickets for a show or renting a yacht.

Our main objective is that our clients don’t have to worry about anything, by keeping their properties in optimal condition, be it their main residence or a holiday home.